Pricing Policy

Prices are listed in regional currencies on Booksdeli. If placing an order from outside Australia you will be charged in your own currency at the conversion rate of your credit card company.

All prices on the Booksdeli website are for orders placed via the website only. Orders placed by phone or by mail order will be charged the full RRP prices quoted on the website plus a $10 non-refundable administration fee as they will need to be hand processed by Booksdeli staff.

All orders are subject to price and availability confirmation. If we cannot supply the product for the originally advertised price then Booksdeli will do one of two things.

If the increase in price is marginal then Booksdeli will absorb the increase and proceed with the order and adjust the price on the website after processing your order.

If the price is significantly more then we will not proceed until we have consulted with the customer via the email or message centre in your Booksdeli account and outlined the options. The customer will not be charged for that item until Booksdeli has been given confirmation to proceed with the new price. You have 48 hours to respond to the options given to you. If you respond after this time frame, you will be asked to place a new order through the website. If there are other titles on the order that are readily available then they will be automatically ordered, regardless of what percentage of the order they make up.

Booksdeli are not obligated to sell a title at the listed price if we are not able to source it from our supplier at the time of ordering as prices may have changed in the interim. In all instances you will be contacted via the email or message centre in your Booksdeli account if there is a change of price and Booksdeli will endeavour to find an alternative edition for the same price or discuss the possibility of purchasing the same title at the new price.

We reserve the right to correct any pricing errors and we may cancel orders and refund your money because of genuine pricing errors (either because of unilateral mistake, or for any reason) up to the time you receive the goods.