Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World. Part 7 Methods in American Deaf and Dumb AsylumsMethods in the Public SchoolsA Letter from a youth in PunjabHighly Educated ServiceA Damage...


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Following the Equator: A Journey Around the World. Part 7

Methods in American Deaf and Dumb AsylumsMethods in the Public SchoolsA Letter from a youth in PunjabHighly Educated ServiceA Damage to the CountryA Little Book from CalcuttaWriting Poor EnglishEmbarrassed by a Beggar GirlA Specimen LetterAn Application for EmploymentA Calcutta School ExaminationTwo Samples of Literature CHAPTER LXII. Sail from Calcutta to MadrasThence to CeylonThence for MauritiusThe Indian OceanOur Captain's Peculiarity The Scot Has one tooThe Flying-fish that Went Hunting in the FieldFined for SmugglingLots of pets on BoardThe Color of the SeaThe Most Important Member of Nature's FamilyThe Captain's Story of Cold WeatherOmissions in the Ship's LibraryWashing DecksPyjamas on DeckThe Cat's ToiletNo Interest in the BulletinPerfect RestThe Milky Way and the Magellan CloudsMauritiusPort LouisA Hot CountryUnder French ControlA Variety of People and ComplexionsTrain to CurepipeA Wonderful Office-holderThe Wooden Peg OrnamentThe Prominent Historical Event of Mauritius"Paul and Virginia"One of Virginia's Wedding GiftsHeaven Copied after MauritiusEarly History of MauritiusQuarantinesPopulation of all KindsWhat the World Consists ofWhere Russia and Germany areA Picture of Milan CathedralNewspapersThe LanguageBest Sugar in the WorldLiterature of Mauritius CHAPTER LXIII. Port LouisMatches no GoodGood RoadsDeath NoticesWhy European Nations Rob Each OtherWhat Immigrants to Mauritius DoPopulationLabor WagesThe CamaronThe Palmiste and other EatablesMonkeysThe Cyclone of 1892Mauritius a Sunday Landscape CHAPTER LXIV. The Steamer "Arundel Castle"Poor Beds in ShipsThe Beds in Noah's ArkGetting a Rest in EuropeShip in SightMozambique ChannelThe Engineer and the BandThackeray's "Madagascar"Africanders Going HomeSinging on the After DeckAn Out-of-Place StoryDynamite Explosion in JohannesburgEntering Delagoa BayAshoreA Hot WinterSmall TownNo SightsNo CarriagesWorking WomenBarnum's Purchase of Shakespeare's Birthplace, Jumbo, and the Nelson MonumentArrival at Durban CHAPTER LXV. Royal Hotel DurbanBells that Did not RingEarly Inquiries for ComfortsChange of Temperature after Sunset-RickhawsThe Hotel ChameleonNatives not out after the BellPreponderance of Blacks in NatalHair Fashions in NatalZulus for PoliceA Drive round the BereaThe Cactus and other TreesReligion a Vital MatterPeculiar Views about BabiesZulu KingsA Trappist MonasteryTransvaal PoliticsReasons why the Trouble came About CHAPTER LXVI. Jameson over the BorderHis Defeat and CaptureSent to England for TrialArrest of Citizens by the BoersCommuted sentencesFinal Release of all but TwoInteresting Days for a StrangerHard to Understand Either SideWhat the Reformers Expected to AccomplishHow They Proposed to do itTestimonies a Year LaterA "Woman's Part"The Truth of the South African Situation"Jameson's Ride"A Poem CHAPTER LXVII. Jameson's RaidThe Reform Committee's Difficult TaskPossible PlansAdvice that Jameson Ought to HaveThe War of 1881 and its LessonsStatistics of Losses of the CombatantsJameson's BattlesLosses on Both SidesThe Military ErrorsHow the Warfare Should Have Been Carried on to Be Successful CHAPTER LXVIII. Judicious Mr. RhodesWhat South Africa Consists ofJohannesburgThe Gold MinesThe Heaven of American EngineersWhat the Author Knows about MiningDescription of the BoerWhat Should be Expected of HimWhat Was A Dizzy Jump for RhodesTaxesRhodesian Method of Reducing Native PopulationJourneying in Cape ColonyThe CarsThe CountryThe WeatherTamed BlacksFamiliar Figures in King William's TownBoer DressBoer Country LifeSleeping AccommodationsThe Reformers in Boer PrisonTorturing a Black Prisoner CHAPTER LXIX. An Absorbing NoveltyThe Kimberley Diamond MinesDiscovery of DiamondsThe Wronged StrangerWhere the Gems AreA Judicious Change of BoundaryModern Machinery and AppliancesThrilling Excitement in Finding a DiamondTesting a DiamondFencesDeep Mining by Natives in the CompoundStealingReward for the Biggest DiamondA Fortune in WineThe Great DiamondOffice of the De Beer Co.Sorting the GemsCape TownThe Most Imposing Man in British ProvincesVarious Reasons for his SupremacyHow He Makes Friends CONCLUSION. Table RockTable BayThe CastleGovernment and ParliamentThe ClubDutch Mansions and their HospitalityDr. John Barry and his DoingsOn the Ship NormanMadeiraArrived in Southampton ......Buy Now (To Read More)

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Ebook Number: 5814
Author: Twain, Mark
Release Date: Jun 24, 2004
Format: eBook
Language: English

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